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From Jens v.P. <>
Subject Has anybody extended the validator framework?
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 13:46:12 GMT

I'm wondering if anybody has already extended the validator framework
- to use it in the business layer instead of the controller layer
- supporting dynamically loaded/created forms

Validating user input is no special struts or web application 
requirement. In my case, all applications are web applications, but 
I've got different "applications" based on the same business data (the 
layout differs). Also, I've got a lot of questionnaires which are going 
to be implemented as forms. Thus I want to define the validation 
together with the questionnaire aka form.

The validator framework is part of the controller. IMHO in case of 
questionnaires this is the "wrong" tier - a questionnaire is a business 
object, and validating the user input must be defined there. Of course, 
the same validation rules also apply for the validation of the form 
input. In other words, the questionnaire is the model for the form - 
the form is the view.

So, what I'm looking for is a way to use the validator framework for 
defining my (business) questionnaires. The questionnaire then "works" 
as a model providing the validation rules to the view /or controller.

I've read (in Chuck Cavaness' book on struts) how to use the validator 
framework outside struts - but this is not really the point: I want to 
use it outside and inside at the same time - and (to make it a little 
bit more interesting) I need also some extensions, e.g. defining 
question blocks, "super-properties", filters.

I've found some questions here before on that or similar topics, so 
maybe the problem was solved before? Otherwise I'll try to solve this 
problem - in this case some hints may help a lot :)


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