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From "Steve" <>
Subject Disabling URL rewrites Struts behind IIS on JRun
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 23:03:23 GMT
I have found many threads regarding this issue, but no solution.

I have a Struts application running on a JRun server behind IIS. (In fact, I
am using CF as my views. Please don't let that be a red herring as I am
finding my exact problem posted with people using .jsp's) The essence of my
difficulty is that when Struts (?) adds the ;JSESSIONID=xxxx to the URL IIS
gags on it saying page not found.

I have read countless posts and understand that the RFC defines this
;JSESSIONID, and I understand that struts needs to know the session id
before knowing if cookies are enabled, etc. etc. But I need to make this
application work.

I have tried every workaround I could imagine, and must now resort to
modifying struts for this specific application. I have opened up the source
and replaced every "...encodeRedirectURL... to return a non-encoded url (in
RequestUtils, RequestProcessor, and ConfigHelper). BTW - the problematic
<forward> in my struts-config uses redirect="true", and that is why I am
looking for the encodeRedirect's only.

Where is path in my forward getting encoded? Any hints on how I can disable
this encoding? I am not looking for a universal feature, I am ready to
hard-code to get this to work. I am desperate right now.


Steve B.

Here is the problematic action:

<action path="/SaveStory"
    <!-- here is the uri which is always adding the JSESSIONID -->
    <forward name="success" path="/cfm/Photo-Gallery.cfm?mode=view"
    <forward name="failure" path="/cfm/Photo-Gallery.cfm?mode=view"

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