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From "Gregory F. March" <>
Subject html:reset and DynaValidatorForm / LookupDispatchAction
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 19:43:27 GMT

I have an html:reset tag in my jsp.  When I click on it, I don't seem to
get notified in my action.  Is this normal?  I have a multipage form and
I'd like reset to go back to the first page.

Also, it looks like after all my work to remove my form class, I will
need to put it back in since DynaActionForm has a no-op reset method.
Is this true?  It kind of defeats the purpose of the Dyna form since the
reset in my subclassed DynaValidatorForm will have to have knowledge of
the form.  Am I looking at this correctly?

Thanks, and sorry for so many questions!


Gregory F. March    -=-    -=-    AIM:GfmNet

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