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From "Arron Bates" <>
Subject Re: nested:link with multiple parameters
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 23:04:54 GMT
Usually, I have a Map property in my bean which makes the links for that given
object. For example, my links tend to go something like...

  <nested:link action="/testAction" property="linkParams" />

...bean code for the "getLinkParams" getter for the property looking like...

  public Map getLinkParams() {
    Map m = new HashMap();

    m.put("key", key);
    m.put("name", name);

    return m;

...that way my bean objects typically know what it takes to link them to
another page, and they can hack the mapping of name & values as much as
required when called. Works a treat for me.

All the best.


> Could someone please provide a simple example showing the use of
> <nested:link> with multiple parameters?
> According to the documentation:  "This tag is an extension of the
> <html:link> tag. Please consult its documentation for information on
> tag attributes and usage details." 
> According to one book on Struts: "To pass multiple values to ... [an
> <html:link> tag] ... you must use a map.".
> Basically, I just want to created a link to an action and pass the
> action two name/value pairs.
> Thanks.
> Mike

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