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From "Mykola Ostapchuk" <>
Subject bean:write Problem
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 20:49:03 GMT

I have a problem displaying data with bean:write tag. I simply want to show
the list of users.
UserVO has property userCountry of type CountryVO.
I populate bean "allUsers" and put it into request.

On jsp page:

<logic:iterate id="users" name="allUsers" scope="request"
     <bean:write name="users" property="userName"/>
     <bean:write name="users" property="userCountry.countryId"/>
     <bean:write name="users" property="userCountry.countryName"/>

When I'm only browsing this list - everything works OK! But after
inserting/updating a user, "userCountry.countryName" property displays
nothing on newly inserted/updated record.

It's strange, because "userCountry.countryId" property always shows current
country ID.
I have to restart web server in order to see updated "countryName"...

For sure I'm not putting "allUsers" bean into session/application, just

Any help will be very appreciated!

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