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From "Riyaz Mansoor" <>
Subject struts questions
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 11:18:04 GMT


i've got 2 questions.

1) from Form to Action to JSP page, is it the same Request object? i ask
because i seem to be losing the Request attributes at the JSP page. i've a
custom tag that looks up Reqeust attributes which return null which i set at
the Form and Action. is this expected?

2) first, i've read the cautionary notes about sharing the struts libs.
moving on... i put in a lot of effort in trying to share the struts
libraries accross my applications. i abstracted all forms and actions so
that they behave the same accross all applications, the difference comes
from xml configuration files in the WEB-INF directory. however, i've still
not been able to achieve my goal. there are NO classes that have to be
instantiated in the webapp itself - just static resources. its not a problem
with my application because when i copy the struts lib and my lib to the
webapp lib directory it works fine. to repeat, all struts lib and my lib are
in tomcat/shared/lib and the webapp contains only static resources. as i see
it all classes would be loaded by the same classloader and all classes

what else should i do to achieve my goal? is there documentation (by some
person or other) about sharing the struts libs?



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