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From "Ubhay Kumar" <>
Subject Struts newbie
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 09:47:49 GMT
Hi All ...
 I have certain questions regarding an application i have to build using struts.

1. First problem relates to packaging of web-app: Lets say i have only three features (search,
My profile, Editor bulletin).
 The problem is supppose i want to deploy the solution in three packages. So for eg
  Standard deployment will have ONLY "search". Premium would have "search" + "My Profile"
and Enterprise
  would have all the three.
  Whats the best way to package a web-app in terms of features. Is there a standard way of
packaging a web app
  so that its easily deployable in all three modes.

So problem translates into:   
a.) When to show which button on UI screen and at a proper place on UI window based on the
mode of deployment
b.) When to enable/Disable an Action 

So is there a standard way of doing this or do i have to write huge if-then-elses at all places
in the code.

2. Second question is regarding user and roles: Does struts provide some way of maintaining
users, user-groups,
   and ROLES for them(The roles here are based on Features or Actions which different groups

   can access).

So the complete problem is: I want to have three deployment modes, all of them would have
different sets of users and features
and different set of users will have access to different kind of features. Is there a standard
way of doing this?

Thanx in advance,

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