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From "Riyaz Mansoor" <>
Subject dyna classes
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 04:47:09 GMT


i'm an intermediate java programmer but a newbie to the struts world. i had
been working with v1.0.2 for about 2 weeks now only to learn that v1.1 does
away with much/all of the coding that i've been upto. darn!

but trying to get more infomation about how these wonderful dyna classes are
supposed to be used is hard; the docs aren't very descriptive - at least to
me [newbie remember]. i applaud the work that has been done by this project
and its supporters but i am hoping that the documentation, especially
regarding the new features in v1.1 could be made better. i'd be more than
happy to contribute myself once i understand.

just to give an example; reading the docs, i could not see a difference
between DynaValidatorForm and DynaValidatorActionForm in the validator

docs aside, a good sample application that uses the new features would be
fine too.

i stress i do not write this to criticise struts. i'm just giving my opinion
as a _new_ user.

if there are resources available that explains these things please point me
that direction.



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