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From "Steve Stair" <>
Subject Re: Unable to access "title" attribute in Tiles under layout (1.1-rc1)
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 18:59:54 GMT
> Hi,
> Once again ;-) :
> The attributes of a tile are only accessible from this tile, not from
its sub- tiles or its parent.
> Attributes of a tile are like parameters of a method: they are only
visible in this method.
> It is why you can't access the title attribute owned by the layout
from the header tile.
> To access it, you need to pass it explicitly to the tile:
> <tiles:insert attribute="header" >
> <tiles:put name="title" beanName="title" beanScope="tile" />
> </tiles:insert>
> Cedric

Thanks, got that working (once i changed scope to "tile" :)

After getting it working, I went back over the documentation in "Struts
in Action",
as well as your "Tiles Advanced Features" document, and still can't
find this
behavior explained anywhere.

Steve Stair

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