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Subject RE: One tag in other tag's attribute's value
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 17:29:41 GMT

Or with out JSTL..

<bean:define id="linkAction">
      /<bean:write name="row" property="id"/>

<html:link action="<%= linkAction %>">Delete</html:link>

I use this all the time. Works well when done in moderation :-)

Wendy Smoak <> on 03/24/2003 11:34:33 PM

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Subject:    RE: One tag in other tag's attribute's value

> I need to have something like this
> <html:link action="/<bean:write name="row"
> property="id"/>">Delete</html:link>

Use JSTL instead?

<a href="/<c:out value="${}"/>">Delete</a>

Or something like that.  It's late and I don't have the code here at home
copy/paste from.

Wendy Smoak
Application Systems Analyst, Sr.
ASU IA Information Resources Management

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