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From "Kevin Tung" <>
Subject getPathInfo with Struts/Resin?
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 23:36:54 GMT

I have searched the archives and the newsgroups but couldn't find an answer
that applies to my specific environment, hopefully someone here has done
this before.

I am running Struts 1.1b3 (didn't work with 1.1b2 either) with Resin 2.1.6

I want to be able to do the following

where view and edit will map to different Actions.  And within each action,
I want to be able to retrieve the username by using getPathInfo().

in my web.xml


in my struts_config.xml

    <action     path="/edit" type="com.mycomp.EditAction"/>

But when I point the browser to I end up with a

400 Invalid path /edit/username/

And gets me

400 Invalid path /

But And (without the slash)

Works fine, but it's without the path info..

Is this a resin issues? or could this be a struts config issue?  Has anyone
gotten this scenario to work with Struts and Resin? or even another
container?  Some config samples would be very helpful!!


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