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From "Roland Berger" <>
Subject tiles insert in "sub layout"
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 14:46:45 GMT
Hi all

<tiles:insert> does not insert the jsp page where it should.
I have the following setup:

In my master Layout (classicLayout.jsp) I have the tag:

************ Code snippet start of classicLayout.jsp *************
  <tiles:insert  attribute="body"/>
************ Code snippet end *************

The attribut "body" references another tiles definition which inserts the
mitgliedDetail.jsp page. In that JSP page I have another tag: <tiles:insert
attribute="bodyHead" flush="false"/> which points the
mitgliedDetailBearbeitenKopf.jsp Page.

************ Code snippet start of tiles-defs.xml **************
    <definition name=".pages.mitglied.detail.bearbeiten"
        <put name="body" value=".pages.mitglied.detail.bearbeiten.kopf"/>

    <definition name=".pages.mitglied.detail.bearbeiten.kopf"
path="/WEB-INF/pages/mitgliedDetail.jsp" >
        <put name="bodyHead"
value="/WEB-INF/pages/mitgliedDetailBearbeitenKopf.jsp"  />
************ Code snippet end ***************

Instead of inserting the JSP page, referenced by the name "bodyHead", into
'detailMitglied.jsp' where the <tiles:insert  attribute="bodyHead"
flush="false"/> is, the page is inserted at the beginning of the page
'detailMitglied.jsp'. But the insert Tag is not at the beginning but
somewhere in the middle.

What is the proper way to insert jsp pages, which are insertet into the
master layout, and have themselfs insert tags? ( Kind of nested inserts )

Kind regards

PS: I work with struts version 1.1 beta 3

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