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From Jörg Maurer <>
Subject Question using transactional tokens
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 16:21:07 GMT
Dear struts people ! 

What am i doing wrong - must be some sort of double submit, but why ?

Let me sketch my problem to you - using for the first time transactional
tokens, i have the following setup :
1. in my jsp :
<html:form action="/parameter">
<html:link page='' onclick="submitSelect('save')" transaction='true'
           <bean:message key="label.buttons.WF.submit"/>

2. where submitSelect is a javascript function:
function submitSelect(method) {
    document.forms[0].method.value = method;

3. and in my action class subclassing dispatch action there is method

Following strange behaviour (to me) occurs : 

1.) having beakpoint inside save(...) method in action class shows it
hit the right method and is working.
2.) but after "return mapping.findForward("WF_PARAMETER_CHOOSE");" from
my action, struts complains with status 404 :

	message Request[/parameter] does not contain handler parameter
named method

	description The request sent by the client was syntactically
incorrect (Request[/parameter] does not contain handler parameter named

3.)it worked before deciding to use transactional tokens with :

href="javascript:submitSelect('save')" styleClass="button">

So your help is appreciated, thanks Jörg

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