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From "Jain, Shilpi" <>
Subject How to get the label[] and the value[] both from a select box?
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 04:34:03 GMT
I am using a multiple select box in my application. I have a problem with
that one. 

For my multiple select box I have 2 separate String[] one representing the
labels of the options and another for value. The problems that I am facing
are following:

1. The html:options tag has property and labelProperty tags associated with
this multiple select list box but when the form is submitted the
corresponding String[] are not updated for the new values in the UI(These
values were changed on the UI using java script). 


2. The property of string[] associated with the html:select tag was getting
updated but only for the selected value so I explicitly selected all values
in the list box before submitting the jsp. But this itself had another
problem. The values coming in the select property String[] were that of the
labels in the list box not values!

In my form beans I have setters for both the array and the arrayelement with
the same name but of-course with different arguments

Can anyone help me. This is really really urgent.




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