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From Richard Dedeyan <>
Subject Multi select boxes
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 16:57:38 GMT
Hello all,

I am currently working on a web app, where unfortunately, the client wants 
to use several multi select boxes.

The form works as follows:

1) User decides to create a new group by accessing the form.

2) User searches for items via the search button. Search results are 
populated in the available select boxes.

3) User selects the items to assign and places in them in the selected box.

4) User repeates steps 2-3 until satisfied.

5) User saves by submitting and info is saved into db.

6) User can also edit the group info, where the selected items are 
retrieved from db and placed in the selected box (use <logic:iterate> to 
iterate the the ArrayList of Transfer objects).

   I have already developed the app and it works. Every time the user 
invokes the search or save submit action, I use Javascript to select the 
items and have the appropriate Select[] get/set methods.

   The only visual drawback is seeing the items highlighted when submitting 
the information upon a search or save. Is there a way to submit the form 
without having to show the items highlighted?

Thanks for you help.

Rich Dedeyan 

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