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From MichaƂ Postupalski <>
Subject Re: Error in Prepared Statement in my Struts Action Class
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 01:37:03 GMT
On 3/18/2003 2:28 AM, Richard Raquepo wrote:
> I doing an app with struts. Although my problem is not directly related to struts maybe
any could help me out.
> I have this prepared statement 
> INSERT INTO busempinfo (lastupdate) VALUES (?) 
> but when i use this on my Java servlet like this
> pstmt = conn.prepareStatement(SQLDef.BUSEMPINFO_INSERT); 
> pstmt.setString(1,fdate.format(now));
> pstmt.executeUpdate(); 
> i got an error an Exception type error. which just state
> null. It did not go to my SQLException catch. 
> what seems to be cause this null error. When i turn to the mysql client and run this
> INSERT INTO busempinfo(lastupdate) VALUES('2003-01-01'); 
> i worked fine. Please help me out anyone. Thanks... 

what type is lastupdate field in your DB ???

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