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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [THURSDAY] struts questions
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:19:39 GMT
Bueno Carlos M wrote:
> Hi, all -- I'm new to struts and I have a few questions. Since you are the
> experts I'm sure you will be able to help me.
> My boss wants to know how many people are using struts and how long it will
> take to build our application using struts as opposed to our current
> development process. We currently have a thousand monkeys sitting at a
> thousand emacs editors. The application isn't completely designed yet, and
> of course I can't release confidential information about our application but
> if you could give me an estimate of monkey-hours saved, that would be great.

Time saving will depend on the nature of the application and its 
expected lifetime.  Obvioulsly, it also depends on what "your current 
development process" is.

> I was able to download the struts-blank.war file but I am having trouble
> setting it up. The first stumbling block was that it is misnamed. It should
> be called '' because it is in zip format. I had to open the
> file in hexedit to figure that one out. Hopefully the next version will have
> the right name???

It is a war file, which is a compressed archive used to package J2EE web 
applications for deployment.  To understand better how to use war files 
(and to answer your "feline" questions below) and more generally how to 
deploy J2EE web applications, see If 
you have not already done so, you should also read the Servlet spec:

> The other problem I have is that I can't get my application to behave
> properly. If the user types in their email address I want to be able to
> check that it is a correct one and show the field red while they are typing
> if it is not. I have a javascript that checks for the '@' sign but many
> people are typing in 'a@a'. Since I don't think so many people would have
> the same email address we are losing valuable data. How can struts help me
> with this? Will it take many monkey-hours to implement?

The Struts Validator can help here:

> Once I unzipped the file I could not find any README or INSTALL file. I
> tried the usual 'make; make install' but that did not work. I went out on
> the net to find some install instructions and I read one place that said I
> just had to stick the zip file inside my tom cat. I do have a cat, but she's
> female. Will that make a difference, or does struts only run on male cats?
> Does it matter if they are neutered? Does each client need to have a male
> cat or just the server?

See above comment. If you use a standard web container (e.g Tomcat) and 
conform to the directory structure described in the links above, you can 
just put the .war file in the /webapps directory and the container will 
automatically expand it when it (the container) starts.

You should also read

> Thank you for your time,
>   Carlos

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