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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: Modules
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 02:18:47 GMT
You're going through a JSP to invoke an action?  Is the action in a 
different module?  Be aware that only by going through the controller do 
you enable non-default modules.  If you don't explicitly go though the 
servlet (and going through a JSP does not go through the servlet) then 
Struts hasn't the opportunity to change to your module (read:  none of 
your modules information [ mappings, forms, etc ] are available) and 
you'll only be able to acheive success if what you wished to reach was 
located in the default module.

Clear as mud?

The basics of what you're doing appear correct to me.  I'm not sure I 
understand where the breakdown is or why - I would assume it's developer 
(the developer being you - not us) error.  I know a lot of folks have 
had problems getting their heads around modules - don't know what could 
be done to help that.  Do you have any questions whos' ansers might help 
you?  Perhaps if you posted or attached your config?  I've been out of 
the loop for a bit, so it could just be brain-rot, but I don't see a 
definite cause for your problem.  Seeing your config(s) and knowing 
precisely how you're invoking things would help us assist you better.


Thomas CORNET wrote:

>         Hi all :)
>     I hope someone will have a clue for me, because I'm fighting 
> against Struts modules for a couple of weeks now, and nothing works. 

Eddie Bush

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