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From "ALAMI Ahmed" <>
Subject RE: Webwork vs Struts
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:23:59 GMT
Chck this site, it's interesting

--Webwork is more flexible for building frameworks to access the model level, that can be
integrated in an UI (Swing, ...)
--Struts is more useful for handling web actions

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De : Butt, Dudley []
Envoyé : Monday, March 17, 2003 6:12 PM
À : ''
Objet : Webwork vs Struts

Hi all,

I'm in the throws of making a decision as to wether I should go with Struts or Webwork.
Has anyone had any experience comparing the 2, who would be able to provide some valuable

It will be appreciated, thanx

Here is a post i made to the webwork site, and a reply i received:

 I would please like to know from you guys out there, if anyone has used 
> struts then moved over to using webwork. I would like to know if it is a
> feasible option, and what the pro's and con's of each are.
> I have read the FAQ on the comparison between struts and webwork, but i 
> would like to hear from developers who have actually used webwork and 
> struts.
> Which seems to be the better option?

I was an avid Struts users for years before switching over to WebWork.  I 
personally find WebWork a lot easier.  Here are some of the things I think 
WebWork does better:

* To perform simple actions with Struts requires a _lot_ of coding from 
ActionForms to Actions to relatively large config entries.  If you look 
through the archives, I posted a comparison of what it took to create code 
in each framework.

* Struts is strongly tied to the web layer making it inappropriate to 
directly place business logic there, WebWork isn't.  I find with Struts, I 
end up using it as a wrapper layer around POJOs.  Again, increasting the 
amount of code required.

* Struts has a larger, albeit more low level tag library.  The WebWork tag 
library is smaller, and yet I feel like you can get things done quicker as 
the constructs are higher level.

* Finally, with Struts, the typically model is to use the ActionForm to 
receive input, the Action to wrap the business logic and response content 
gets placed into the request attributes.  That seems pretty messy in 
comparison to having one disposable object to contain all these items.

All in all, I think WebWork has a definite edge over Struts.  With the 
upcoming WebWork2, I think it's hands down in WebWorks favor.  In addition 
to an even cleaner separation of business logic and presentation layer, 
WebWork2 also implements a highly customizable interception framework that 
enables aspect-oriented development.

In any event, I think it's worth a couple days to give it a try.


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