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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Re: Struts-el NOT working with Struts 1.1 RC1 Release
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 04:47:23 GMT
On Fri, Feb 28,'03 (07:59 PM GMT-0800), Craig wrote: 
> I get somewhat depressed about the "for obvious reasons" reason that
> people give for not at least *trying* your app against the nightly
> builds. After all, the day that Struts 1.1 final is released, guess
> what -- it will have exactly the same classes as that night's nightly
> build :-). There is nothing magical about the label "final release"
> that makes it any better (or worse) other than marginally more
> testing.

Thanks for the reminder Craig. I'm going to start making sure to use the
latest nightly builds in all of my development.  I think I'll also send
out a reminder on the list occasionally about this since it is important
these nightly builds get tested since the entire Struts community as a
whole suffers when there are bugs in final releases.


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