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From Adam Sherman <>
Subject Re: Does a degree matter?
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2003 03:35:35 GMT
On 03/29/03 20:36:21 -0600 Arron Bates wrote:

> If you're thinking about spending time to put yourself out there... I
> reckon the best thing I ever did was while away some hours eventually
> becomming a participant in an open source project. Followed with a tiny
> site with some tutorials, helping a few people out along the way. It's
> been a good thing.

I would like to enthusiastically second Arron here, as an employer I always 
look for real concrete proof of what candidates are, uh, spieling about.

After some rather bad experiences, I do not trust resumes or even 
interviews. I want to see small projects. Being able to search some mailing 
lists and find real day-to-day comments by the individual is fantastic and 
gives me lots of confidence.

My two cents,


Adam Sherman
Tritus CG Inc.
+1 (613) 797-6819

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