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From "Aaron O'Hara" <>
Subject [OT]: Struts, Web Development, J2EE, and what is too much?
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 22:34:45 GMT
I know this question has probably been asked before, and that biased
publications have had their opinions on it, but I wanted to get some
feedback regarding some "real user experience" regarding the use of EJB
in a web application used along with Struts.

I am creating a web application and I have decided to use struts.  The
application needs to be high performance, uses a single database (so it
doesn't have heterogeneous transactional db requirements).  I have
designed the application in layers, and it will only have a web
interface.  It's starting small, but will grow to have many functions.
Even though I'm confident that I need not invest in EJB's, I don't want
to develop the application to find out I should have used them (hence
why I'm creating this post).

In what scenarios have people found the use of EJB beneficial?  When
have they been overkill?  Does struts integrate smoothly with EJBs?

My fear is that I'll make the application overly complex by implementing
EJBs, but I'd like to hear from people with experience building large
web-only projects with struts.



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