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From Expedito Reinaldo da Silva Júnior <>
Subject RE: Struts Tools
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 14:16:02 GMT
> Thomas, it's a very good solution!!! I'm really changing my mind about
> graphical tools. I havent avoided it for years (when i used Swing, for
> example), but now i think its important, because what's really
> signification to our solution are the business classes. 
> Still about it, a great thing is that this solution allow us to generate
> any kind of view (swing, awt, jsp,...) and it is a great help.
> In fact, i'm looking for a 'free' solution that work just like that, but i
> don't know if i will find it in time... :/
> Obs: If i understood your message in portugues-spanish, I'm more
> confortable about my messages in english... :)
> Thank you.
> Expedito Jr.
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> Subject: Struts Tools
> From: Thomas L Roche <>
> Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 18:37:04 -0500
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
> <> Wednesday, February 05, 2003 11:35 AM
> > I don´t know if I'm asking to the right list,
> This would be it.
> > I'd like to know what's the best IDE/tool to help construction web
> > applications with Struts. I've seen some tools in the Struts
> > resources page but I'm not impressed with them.
> > In truth, I thought in a tool helping us to 
> Let's make a list, and call this item 0:
> > 'draw' pages with areas (tiles), buttons, input boxes, etc, in a way
> > that we can access its properties and configure its name, validation
> > rules, default values and so on.
> item 1:
> > After creating our 'views', we could make the sequence of pages,
> > like forward and redirect pages; and all visually.
> item 2:
> > After all, the tool could generate my JSPs and the struts-config.xml
> > file correctly. 
> item 3:
> > From the input boxes we could know what input fields the view need
> > and generate the expected DynaBeans, with the respectives
> > validations rules (previously setted). Following this idea, I thing
> > we can generate our Views, FormBeans (DynaBeans) and Validations,
> > and the ActionBean's skeleton; the user will just need to program
> > the business rules
> Take a look at the Struts tools in WebSphere Studio. The Struts Tools
> are found in the Site Developer bundle (WSSD), and all above (e.g.
> WSAD, WSED). (Basically all WS* are bundles of plugins for Eclipse,
> and they form a sequence of subsets: WSSD < WSAD < WSED.)
> It is not so full-functioned as your requirements (but we're still
> working :-) Notably it does not have a "GUI builder" (item 0) yet.
> However it has something else that's very cool: a Web Diagram Editor
> (WDE).
> WDE allows you to graphically design a Struts application by drawing
> modules, actions, formbeans (and regular javabeans), JSPs (and other
> web pages), etc and their connections (kinda like your item 1). The
> items can be named at "design-time," and you can then "realize" your
> design by launching wizards from it.
> Consider the following micro-scenario:
> * Right-click on the diagram>New>Action. Name it "/foo".
> * Right-click on the diagram>New>Web Page. Name it "/index.jsp".
> * Right-click on foo>Connection, connect it to index.jsp. Name the
>   connection "success". (The diagram already knows that it's a
>   forward.)
> * Double-click on index.jsp: this launches the JSP wizard. In it you
>   can choose many things (e.g. taglibs), but we'll just hit Finish:
>   this generates a file with all the default cruft, and puts you in an
>   editor. 
>   The JSP editor has 3 panes. One is Source, which is a standard editor
>   (but with code completion, syntax highlighting, etc). Another is
>   Design: this allows you to do some (admittedly very limited) visual
>   building. The more interesting thing about it is, if you enter your
>   Struts tags in the Source pane, you can see them visually rendered
>   in the Design pane, without having to deploy them to your webserver.
> * Double-click on /foo: this launches the action mapping wizard. It
>   already knows that your mapping's path=/foo, and it has a forward
>   with name=success and path=/index.jsp. If you click Next to see its
>   second page, you see that it assumes that you want to create an
>   Action class: by default, /foo -> FooAction, superclass=
>   o.a.s.a.Action. (Several more options, all of which can be
>   overriden, are also preset.) Hit Finish to generate the class and
>   the mapping.
> Does this little scenario more-or-less resemble your items 1-3? It's
> not "view-centric," but it does allow you to visually design and build
> a Struts application. (WDE also has an analytic capability: you can
> take an existing application, drag part of it into a diagram, and draw
> the connections to or from it. If the part you drag in is a welcome
> page, and you choose Draw All, you can see all the parts in the app,
> and all their connections.)
> Our tools have many more capabilities (and we're working on even
> more), but I don't want to bore you. Feel free to ask more questions
> about WSSD on its newsgroup
> news://
> -site-developer
> or your friendly local IBM marketing person. (They are everywhere, and
> many speak Portuguese much better than I :-)
> > Thanks all and sorry my bad english.
> No problema, esperança este ajud,
> Tom Roche <> IBM WSSD Struts Tools
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