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From Jason Vinson <>
Subject data acquisition and control
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:23:10 GMT
Hi folks,

I am having a few issues this morning determining the proper way to control the data of my
current web application.  From what I have read, I see that the proper place to acquire data
from the system is in the Action class.  This data should be put on the request (correct?)
and retrieved by the proper ActionForm to populate the jsp.  Maybe monday morning has my brain
working slow, but I am a little mixed up on a few points here. 

1.  Pulling the data from the system in the Action Class actually requires you to gather data
in the Action Class of the page prior to the one you want to render the information in.  Doesn't
this defy the separation of logic and business in the MVC design paradigm?

2.  To be completely honest, I am not seeing a convenient way to gather the data off the request
in the ActionForm class of my page.  I feel I may be completely overlooking the obvious, but
I know I need to grab the request in the ActionForm, and I can't see a convenient way to do
that by studying the javadocs.

can anyone clear this up for me??

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