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From Becky Norum <>
Subject object scope / nested tree implementation
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 00:05:03 GMT
I've implemented a version of the nested tree (see  However, as
objects are saved session scope, I cannot have a user opening and
browsing two separate browser windows at once.

I've thought of the following two approaches:
* Saving the tree to a request scope and transferring that between
* Since this is a problem that will arise with other pages in the
application, I could generate some sort of Session wrapper class so that
new windows are a new server-managed session (see

I realise that this is a problem discussed before, but I haven't seen a
very good solution for it.  

How do larger commercial endeavours manage this issue?  As a self-taught
application developer working alone, I'm very curious to hear other
people's approaches.


Becky Norum <>

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