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From "Loren Hall" <>
Subject Tracking sessions (newbie)
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 01:53:12 GMT

I seem to have colliding sessions, I figure as a result of improperly using
jsessionids. Was I wrong to think that struts and tomcat handled this

Current Situation:

The appearance of jsessionid= in urls is erratic, appending the jsessionid
to the inital login url one minute, but not the next.

It's appended to both the page url and to a <html:link within the
welcome.jsp (post-login) page in the case of login . . .

But, in the case of new registrations, it's appended to the url, but not the
<html:link . . . then seconds later this behavior reverses.

The lack of consistency makes understanding the problem difficult, and I can
find virtually no "how-to-use" type documentation.  Can anybody point me to
a tutorial to step through this, or can anyone point out where I am likely
losing (not resetting) the session information.

Any thoughts as to how this problem arose, or how to attack this problem are
greatly appreciated.  Right now, if the admin logs in on one browser, when
an end-user has an active session, the end-user will end up with the admin's
session (and functionality) . . . arggh


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