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From "Sunkara Maheswara Rao" <>
Subject RE: form problem
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 08:19:53 GMT
Try this...

U want to populate ur form bean before displaying the page so that those
values should be displayed ur form....if this is the case...

Go to ActionBean class  directly where u can populate ur form bean and
forward to the jsp which u want....u can do this by making changes like
this in ur struts-config...

	<action    path="/Header"
      <forward name="success"     path="/Header.jsp"/>

and access the page using

hope this is helpful..


-----Original Message-----
From: ss s ss [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2003 1:19 PM
Subject: form problem 

       Happy new year to u all.
I needed some help. My problem we are using struts and the form is 
being called for generating some report .
Now this strut is being called from a HREF tag and there is no way 
I can intialise my form to generte the correct report.
I have tried this
<% MyForm form = (MyForm)pageContext.getAttribute("form_name, 
form.setSomething(something); %>

But this too gives me problems that it genrates the page on the 
next request
That is the first time i go to the page the form is not 
initialized .Now when i go back using the browser back button and 
click on the href again the report is there :(

Can some one help where I am missing some improtant property of 

Thanx for ur help in advance.


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