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From "V. Cekvenich">
Subject Re: Database generated Reports with Struts Taglibs
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 19:35:36 GMT
I use JasperReports w/ iReport, both from SourceForge.

Dan Tran wrote:
> 1. Provide a query screen
> 2. Load the collection of your custom bean based on search criteria screen
> (1)
> 3. Forward the collection bean  (thru session object) to Display tag to
> allow user to page thru (
> 4. The display tage also have option to export the result into csv or excel
> spreadsheet
> 5. Watchout for large result set, seen it can take lots of memory.
> Your custom bean must provide get/set methods properties
> Hope this help
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> From: "Sterin, Ilya" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 8:22 AM
> Subject: Database generated Reports with Struts Taglibs
>>Hi, I'd like an opinion on generating database reports with struts, though
>>using an Action class or a custom bean to generate it, then be forwarded
> to
>>the presentation layer.
>>I didn't see any examples in the Struts in Action book, so I was wondering
>>on the best practice.
>>Also, my problem is, that I don't want to necessarily have a getter method
>>return a Collection, by fetching all records in memory, I'd like for each
>>iteration, or the call to getXXX method, for it to fetch another record.
>>Basically, if someone has done anything similar, generated large database
>>reports using the strtus framework, I'd like some direction.
>>Thanks a bunch in advance.

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