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From colin campbell <>
Subject Re: Oracle 9i BC4J and Struts
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2003 12:57:21 GMT
There have been a number of posts on this forum
regarding this, which you can search.

I am someone who has also considered using both as my
customer is very pro "Oracle" ,on the basis that they
WILL survive the tight conditions hitting other app
server providers.

You will note some postings on this forum from Oracle
employees saying that they are the best thing since
sliced bread. As usual you ahve to take all this with
"wee" ( I'm Scottish) pince of salt.

So due to the "views" of my customer I use JDeveloper
(Oracle) for struts development. 

Now there are of course good general design patterns
for building sites and if these are say EJB based (
controller delegates to EJB session bean say) then
there are nice wizards for creating session beans if
you are new to all this.

Then we have lots of design patterns reagrding say EJB
performance where you might want say a "Fast Reader"
to read the data from whichever database. This was
indeed the view that there was "none better" than us
in Oracle 4J for doing this. (Again search this forum
,it was less than a week ago that he posted this

I queried his views on whether the lightweight data
objects provided by this toolset were really superior
to say just using nice "Open " standards like local
interfaces, but to date no reply.

My own views on reading the references he provided and
related documentation is that they do have good design
patterns implemented in their toolset (4J) , but I
really wonder when the general standards offer me
nearly the same performance whether it is now worth
I agree that before interfaces like "local interfaces"
became available many providers wrote such fast access
objects to get round the rmi overhead.

So I was interested, but not convinced, in using their

I have trawled though their site for documents on
accessing EJB local interfaces via JNDI. In particular
I wanted the interface between my action object and
the session bean to be local. My experience with non
working links on their site, i gave up posting to
themlinks which go nowhere, or examples which are all
404s, and decided that probably somewhere out there
there is a very usefultoolset, but the documentation
and examples are absolute " ****cks".

As usual, the opinions of this writer are his/her own
,and not that of my customer or employeer, but the
rest of the development team would back me to the hilt
on this in any UK court case.

Happy New Year ,or as they say in Scotland 

" a guid new year to yin and awe" 

Colin C


--- Alireza Fattahi <>
wrote: > Hi,
> Did any one have any experience with Oracle 9i BC4J
> and struts? I found it
> complicated Am I right? Does it make things more
> complicated or it worth a
> complete R&D :)
> Alireza
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