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Subject RE: [ANNOUNCE] Shameless Plug: Struts Kick Start now available for shipping at Amazon
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 15:37:15 GMT

As James co-author, let me speak to this.

To begin with - I'd like to say that all authors that have put together
books on Struts have put a lot of work into it and have all done well. I've
read most all the books that are currently available and have to honest -
they're all good! No bad words about any of them.

Certainly, as well, I'd feel better if someone on the list who has seen the
book stepped in to answer this. Better probably for everyone to get an
unbiased answer. Kind of hard for me, really, to be unbiased! :->

That being said, we did take specific steps to differentiate:

 - We include a CD-ROM with Struts, JDK 1.4, mysql, strutstestcase, the
struts console, Junit, ant, cactus, Axis, JBoss, etc so all code is
included for windows and Linux.
 - We have working sample code for almost every struts tag. It's designed
for cutting and pasting.
 - We provided working sample apps including code, build scripts and step
by step instructions for integration with JBoss for EJB's and Axis for Web
 - We provided coverage of Ant build scripts, JUnit and Cactus testing with
struts test case.

That's enough I guess to just say that we worked hard to create a good,
usable book. We're currently working with a couple of developer sites to
arrange publication of more sample chapters.The people at SAMS are doing a
great job with the promotions.

And again, I've read Chuck's book and really liked it. While I haven't read
Ted, et al's book it looks great as well  - and Ted has made such a unique
contribution to Struts that he's certainly earned a special place. (Ted's
publisher Manning has put out some great titles recently including Erik
Hatcher's Ant book).

If anyone has more specific questions I'd prefer to take them off list
unless the person believes their discussion is of value to the wider
audience of Struts users.

Thanks for asking!
Kevin on 12/13/2002 10:10:59 AM

Please respond to "Struts Users Mailing List"

cc:     (bcc: Kevin Bedell/Systems/USHO/SunLife)
Subject:    RE: [ANNOUNCE] Shameless Plug: Struts Kick Start now available
       fo   r shipping at Amazon

looks like a good buy, but ....
how do u feel your book is different or offers something advantageous in
comparison to Chuck Cavaness' or Craig's book?

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From: James Turner []
Sent: Friday, December 13, 2002 8:05 AM
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Shameless Plug: Struts Kick Start now available for
shipping at Amazon

Well, I may not have gotten my copies yet from the publisher, but you
can order "Struts Kick Start" now from Amazon for immediate delivery:

Buy one, buy two.  They make great stocking stuffers.  Use them as door
stops.  Learn to use the enclosed CD as a lethal thrown weapon. Fun for
the whole family.

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