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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject [OT][HTML] Table height in the absence of a height attribute
Date Sat, 14 Dec 2002 13:43:39 GMT
<excuse transgression="[OT]"HTML]">
This would be better posted on an html forum, but I know everyone here knows
far more than the script kiddies that populate such sites... ;->

All my pages have a big table that acts as 'template' for the page, chopping
it up into the classic navigator bar on the left, and the contents in the
big cell...

I want the table to fill the screen, so have set the height and width
attributes to 100%. This works in IE5 which recognises (the non-standard)
height attribute, but things like Netscrap6, Mozilla, (and IE6!!!) dont.
Anyone know a nice trick to force the table to fill the available height?
(and while on the subject anyone know how to do the same with individual
rows, and tables nested in a table cell)

I dont want to shove in a fixed size zero width image , as Id like the table
to adapt nicely to window resizes.
(Id rather let it collapse up than do that)

I only need to support NS6 and above including Mozilla, and IE5 and
above.(thank heavens!)

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