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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: Access/Manage client's file system
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 10:36:43 GMT
Well, if you can make do with something thats rather user unfriendly you can
use the standard html stuff:
For the files to be saved on the users machine you could provide a link -
clicking the link will allow the user to download the file which they can
save on their machine.
For the server to read the file you provide a file upload field and the user
browses through their filesystem for the file required. Of course its a very
manual process which is a lot more messy than the interface you hope for in
your example and in both cases you have no control over the file names used.
It is up to the user to choose where to save it, and also up to the user to
select which file to send back.

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From: Heligon Sandra []
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 17:17
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Subject: Access/Manage client's file system

	Sorry not to have answered earlier but I did not work Friday.
	By 'local' I mean the client's machine not the server.
	First, the server offers templates to the client.
	Example of JSP:
		Name = Toto; Type = Data; Value = 12; etc....
		<<Save>> <<Load>> <<Apply>> <<Cancel>>
	If the user select the save button I would like to save data on the
	client's machine and the load button allows to load a file from the
client's machine.
	We could store instances of the template on the server but it is
	to each client that's why we think that it  is better to allow the
client to
	access file system. For us server allows to store only common data.
	If you think it is better to save data on the server, thanks to
	Do you understand my question better ?
	If I understand your reply, to do that I must use Client plugin
	Do you have an example ?
	Thanks a lot

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