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From "Karr, David" <>
Subject RE: how can I use the tag value in another tag?
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2002 16:34:38 GMT
Note that using the EL (JSTL expression language, with Struts-EL and
JSTL) is not really "script".  It's considered a good idea to avoid
using runtime JSP expression scriptlets, which these are not.  If you
don't use either Struts-EL or the JSTL, it's difficult to do this sort
of thing without using scriptlets, and you will find that real
scriptlets to do this will be messier than EL expressions.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cnyinhua []
> Thank you.
> I hope the jsp file can have script as little as possible. Do you have
> some other way to implement it?
> cnyinhua wrote:
> >Hi, all
> >I'm new in struts.
> >Now I want to show some information in a tag, which is showed by
> another
> >tag.
> ><html:link page="/<bean:write name="turnpage"
> >property="pagenumber">-1">previous
> ></html:link>
> >
> You can't embed one tag within another like you're doing 
> here.  Take a 
> look at the struts-el contributed taglib by David M. Karr -- you can 
> (usually) find it in the contrib folder of the Struts 
> distribution.  (I 
> say usually because there's some weird build anomoly that's 
> causing it 
> to disappear from time to time).  Using struts-el, you could do 
> something like:
> <htmlel:link 
> page="/${turnpage.pagenumber}-1">previous</
> htmlel:lin
> k>

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