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From "Karr, David" <>
Subject RE: How does Struts handle arrays of fields?
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 19:37:38 GMT
If I'm seeing your problem correctly, you probably know by now that the
EL only references bean properties, except when it's referencing
collections :) .  It checks whether something is a collection before it
checks whether it is a bean, so creating a SUBCLASS of a collection
class and adding bean properties won't work.  You'll have to have a bean
class that has a collection property, AND a size property.  Try
restructuring your bean to deal with that and see how far you get.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Graham []
> I have a set of hidden fields all named "deletedId" but with 
> different 
> values.  What type should this be in my ActionForm?  It works 
> if I have
> private String[] deletedId; and related accessor methods.
> My problem is that I want to use the JSTL's EL to get the 
> size of this 
> array.  I tried ${myForm.deletedId.length} with no success so 
> I tried using 
> a custom Collection class with a getSize() method and 
> ${myForm.deletedId.size}.  So I have a
> public Collection getDeletedId() and a
> public void setDeletedId(String[] id) method.  Struts 
> apparently didn't like 
> that I was trying to trick it and doesn't refill the array 
> when there's an 
> error on the form.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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