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From colin campbell <>
Subject Formbeans, saving multiple values
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 13:16:22 GMT


I am displaying a jsp correctly which has all a users
details plus the dreaded checkbox. This is achieved
using iterate. This works well A checkbox plus user
details is displayed for each bean from my listarray.

However, I do not understand what get/set methods I
have to write to store the values via the form.
Obviously (I think) ineed to store a set/collection of
the data returned, of boolean type in the case of
checkbox. Multibox is not what I want, variable number
of rows.

Sorry, but I have only been using Struts for a week
and would appreciate a pointer. I could find no
examples using multiple values for checboxes, and I am
aware that my reset needs to somehow be able to reset
the set of entries.

Advice please, Colin C


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