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Subject [Declarative Exceptions] Advice needed.
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:21:44 GMT
I am using 1.1b2

I am just starting the process of dealing the exception handling in our

I am plowing through Ted's and Chuck books and have several questions.

We have come up with  these requirements:
1 - All exceptions must be logged. ( we are using log4j directly, not
commons logging).
2 - All exceptions thrown by data retrieval methods will display an error
page. ( ie, all methods in Page LoadActions).
3 - All exceptions that perform a business function will generate a success
or failure message on the original calling page.

>From what I see so far it appears that I can deal with this with my own
ExceptionHandler and possibly two subclasses
such as:

1 - How can I deal with un-planned exceptions (programmer error) as such
stray null pointers and such.
      Can I declare a global Exception for the type java.lang.Exception
where this will be called if all else fails?

2 -  I can see how to pass in a message key but how do I pass in message
key arguments {0},{1} ect .

3 - Does this approach sound ok or does it expose my inexperience to the
struts community :-) ?

*** We are doing much of this now ( and we like how the pages work) but it
is all in try/catch statements in the actions

Any advice would be appreciated


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