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Subject Re: html tags
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 16:58:22 GMT

We have a form with a list of two side by side lists. Each list is included
and within each jsp:include we iterate through another list.
I did not try this with tiles, but I think the idea of html form tags inside other includes
was solved for us with nested tags.

Our main form is:
<nested:form method="post" action="/meshRouter" >
            <nested:iterate  property="meshList" indexId="listIndex">
                    <td><jsp:include page="/WEB-INF/customer/table/MeshCustInvoiceListTable.jsp"
                    <td ><jsp:include page="/WEB-INF/customer/table/MeshCustCreditListTable.jsp"

And both includes look like this. The <nested:root > tag makes this possible....
---- MeshCustInvoiceListTable.jsp----
     <nested:iterate property="invoiceList" >
        <td class="pageLabel" colspan="2">Customer:</td>
        <td><nested:text property="customerNumber" /></td>

Hope this helps..

"Bhamani, Nizar A TL56E" <> on 11/06/2002 10:40:59

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Subject:    html tags

I have a typical problem where, I am using the <html:form/> tags,
in which the contents/fields within the <html:form/> tag needs to be
i.e. the form consists of multiple sections and each of these section has a
fields which can change based on certain conditions.  I want to use the

<!--- section 1 - Start -->
<html:text property="field1"
<!--- section 1 - End-->

<!--- section 1 - Start -->
<html:text property="field2"
<!--- section 1 - End-->


Each of these section is put in a tile. However, this is not allowed as the
html tag
used needs to be within the html:form tag. Has anybody faced similar
situation ?
If yes, how did you cope with this problem.


Nizar Bhamani
Senior Software Engineer Inc, a subsidiary of Ace INA Holdings Corp
(770) 291 7180

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