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Subject [Nested Tags] Is styleId available for nested:hidden?
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 00:21:24 GMT
I am using 1.1b2/tomcat 4.0.4

When trying to use the tag attribute styleId withing the nested:hidden tag
I get the following  error:
...Attribute styleId invalid according to the specified TLD.

This error is quite clear. I guess I just wonder why.
The nested docs for the  nested:hidden tag will link you to the doc for the html:hidden tag
that indicates that styleId is available for this tag.

Is this a bug? I have checked the tld in a more recent nighlty build and I did not see styleId

In a similar situation I came across a differenece between the bean:define and nested:define.

I stumbled across using the body of the bean:define tag in lists with nested control names:
<bean:define id="myOnClick" >myFunction('<nested:writeNesting property="currentControl"/>')</bean:define>
<nested:text property="XX " onclick="<%= myOnClick %>" />

This works quite well for me, but if try this with the nested:define tag then I get a message
telling that I cannot use
the body of nested:define.

????  :-(

I have now constructed the control like this:
<input type='hidden'
             name='<nested:writeNesting property="onAccountAmt" />'
             value='<nested:write property="onAccountAmt" />'
             id='<%= onAccountAmtCtrl %>'>

.......but I started using the nested tags because it cleaned up my code.

Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated..

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