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From Míguel Ángel Mulero Martínez <>
Subject Durability of a ActionForm
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:37:20 GMT
Hi all,

My question is how can I make for extend the durability of a request scope
ActionForm. For example, in my Action I can do somethig like:

request.setAttribute("form", form);

In this way, the ActionForm that I retrieved from the JSP and arrived to the
Action, will arrive to the next JSP.
But, how can I do it in the JSP no make it arrive to the next Action?

My problem is that I wan't to use a request ActionForm (not a session), and
if I create it in the Action before the JSP, when I make a submit the
ActionForm doesn't exist and Struts creates one new. If I don't put the
Action before the JSP, then Struts creates it in the JSP and it calls the
submit function when I make submit. I wan't to achieve the second without
putting the ActionForm in session scope and creating it in the Action before
the JSP.

Thanks all!!

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