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From Míguel Ángel Mulero Martínez <>
Subject ArrayList disappeared in ActionForm
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 07:03:21 GMT
Hi all! I've got a little problem with Struts 1.0.2.

I've got an ActionForm with two objects: one for save the values of a HTML
form, and an ArrayList with Strings to print in the HTML form.

The HTML form inits well, reading the values (object and ArrayList) from the
ActionForm created in an Action before. When I press the submit button, the
reset function is called and afterwards the object is updated with the new
values. My problem is that if I read the ArrayList, it is null.

I use the log4j, and the constructor of the ActionForm isn't called. The
setXXXX for the ArrayList isn't called too.

Where is my ArrayList? Why it's null?

Thanks to all!


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