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From "Jeff Born" <>
Subject RE: Dynamic select menu in JSP - Struts-Menu1.1
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 22:31:20 GMT
Sounds interesting to me also.  I am using Struts 1.1b2... The readme
included in the file is actually an almost exact version of the message I
found using google (There was a huge thread in Dynamic select menu in JSP on
when not to post....) That prior post in struts-dev just refered to struts
0.5, so it was an old post.
Given all that; In the in the StrutsMenu-1.1\webapps
directory is a file called struts-menu.war.  I hoped I would be able to
deploy this to Tomcat and have it just work.  It didn't.
I also found reference to basebeans, so I went there and they get the same
error message as when I deploy it to Tomcat 4.1.

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	From: Eddie Bush [] 
	Sent: Thu 11/14/2002 5:06 PM 
	To: Struts Users Mailing List 
	Subject: Re: Dynamic select menu in JSP - Struts-Menu1.1

	That's odd.  The README in the 1.1 version says it requires Struts
	 Perhaps you downloaded the wrong archive?
	I haven't used it - just downloaded it because it sounded
	 The version I got said it required 1.1.
	Jeff Born wrote:
	>I found a message in struts-dev about struts-menu, but seems rather
	>refers to Struts 0.5.  From that though I believe I need to load the
	>menu-config.xml via an Extended Action Servlet.  So far I've had no
	>doing this.
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	>From: V. Cekvenich []
	>Subject: Re: Dynamic select menu in JSP
	>Regarding menus, I use struts - menu from sourceforge.
	>You can see struts menu runing at live.
	Eddie Bush
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