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From "Paananen, Tero" <>
Subject RE: [OT] Where can I find a Struts / J2EE Jobs?
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 21:36:44 GMT
> >You certainly need to be flexible these days too.
> Agreed... While I was unemployed, I met a guy who told me he 
> only wanted to
> do Linux-based C++ programming. He then wondered aloud why he'd been
> unemployed for a year...
> IMO, being able to learn new things constantly/quickly, and 
> knowing where to
> go and look for the answers to the questions that you don't 
> know the answers
> to is an important IT skill.

It would be refreshing, if employers (and especially
headhunters) would recognize, if you have C/C++, Perl,
Java and any number of other programming language, that
it would not take you particularly long to learn a new
programming language.

That applies to app servers, methodologies, etc. as well.

Instead, in the current job market, what employers are
looking is buzzword compliance, however long ago you
actually dabbled with the particular skill the clueless
recruiter is looking for.

If you don't have it in your resume, you get no call,
no interview and definitely no job.

There is NO value for skills like quick learning or
any other soft skills in today's job market. This is a

The sarcastic me says, if you're a quick learner with
not that much experience, pad your resume with every
friggin buzzword you want to be working on, read some
basic information on it, and then proceed to lie and
cheat your way to the job. If you're lucky they won't
subject you to a hardcore technical interview. Once you
have the job, make sure you apply your quick learning

Not a particularly ethical way of getting a new job,
but then I think employers who only hire cookie cutter,
buzzword compliant employees would be too stupid to
find out about it.


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