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From James Turner <>
Subject Re: New ApacheCon session: What's New in Struts 1.1
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2002 13:21:08 GMT
On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Craig R. McClanahan  wrote:

 >This was a late (i.e. confirmed this morning) change. It's in addition to 
my originally scheduled session on
 >Wednesday: Building Web Applcations With Struts. The "What's New" talk 
will presume a bit of existing
 >knowledge about Struts, while the "Building" talk is a more 
from-the-ground-up intro. (Slides for both will be
 >posted for non-attendees at a later date.)

Also, for those of you attending the other obscure trade show in Vegas that 
week (I think it's called COMDEX, or something like that), Craig will be 
talking about Struts on Monday the 18th, 1PM to 2:15.  The panel is called 
"Beyond JSP: Struts, Turbine, Velocity and other JSP Extensions".  I'll be 
moderating, and talking about the larger universe of post-JSP packages.

Craig will also be signing copies of his new book, "Finding the 169th Hour: 
When 7x24 Doesn't Give You Enough Time", at Starbucks on 
Tuesday.  Personalized dedications to anyone donating a triple-shot 
espresso or a bug fix for Struts 1.1.

Once upon a time, it was postulated that a very frequent Usenet/HUMAN-NETS 
poster (Lauren Weinstein) could not possibly be human, based on the 
quantity of his output.  The theory emerged that, in fact, he was really 7 
cat brains linked together with Chaosnet.  Perhaps we should update it, and 
spread the rumor that Craig is really 7 brains linked together with a 
gigabit Ethernet.  I leave the species as an exercise to the reader.

It further occurs to me that by mentioning HUMAN-NETS, Lauren, and Chaosnet 
(and yes, I've actually done vampire taps for real MIT brand Chaosnet), 
I've dated myself horribly.


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