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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject October 2002 Download Counts
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 07:15:38 GMT
While accumulating some statistics for my ApacheCon sessions in Las Vegas
next week, I calculated the download counts for Struts binary
distributions in October 2002, and thought the rest of you might be
interested in the results.  This doesn't count people who (like me :-)
keep themselves up to date by doing refreshes of the CVS source repository
-- there's not a good way to count those -- but I expect that this number
is pretty small.

  1.0.2:          15,780
  1.1-b1:            763
  1.1-b2:          9,695
  Nightlies:       2,961
  Total:          29,199

or around 940 per day.  That's second biggest among Jakarta projects
(trailing Tomcat, which typically gets 80k-100k downloads per month, but I
didn't check October specifically).

While it's obvious that there are a lot of folks in the "stick with the
latest release" camp, it's quite gratifying to see that the 1.1 downloads
(counting the nightlies) are around 45% of the total.  I would expect a
pretty good sized spike once we release the final version of 1.1.

The counts above reflect only the main Apache website -- they don't count
any downloads from Apache mirrors, or from other sites that support
download of the Struts binaries (either by themselves or incorporated in
other tools).  The Apache Software License is wonderful for developers,
but terrible for statisticians ...

The subscription counts to the corresponding user mailing lists (counting
digest subscribers), as of November 14, is even closer:

  STRUTS-USER:     2,399
  TOMCAT-USER:     2,454

We've been steadily gaining on Tomcat ever since Struts started a couple
of years ago ... we're very close to having the largest subscriber count
on any Jakarta mailing list :-).

Thank you all for your support, and use, of Struts!!!


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