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From Khalid Aslan <>
Subject RE: [OT] Where can I find a Struts / J2EE Jobs?
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 16:16:47 GMT
 --- Davide Bruzzone <> wrote:
> Khalid,
> This is all just common sense really, but it helped
> me when I was laid off at the end of June (BTW, I
> was working again in five weeks, and as much as I'd
> like to think that I'm a rock star, I think I was
> monumentally lucky)... However, if it can help you
> or someone else on the list...
> I live in Colorado and as I said, I was laid off
> from a telecom company at the end of June... I found
> my new job through a Yahoo job board (specifically
> the Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group Job board -
> which you won't care about given that you live in
> the UK...). Anyway, here's what I learned:
> - There seem to be a lot of "job bots" out there. My
> current employer didn't post the opening on the
> board where I found it. They posted it on Dice from
> where it was eventually scraped. I personally didn't
> have much luck with the big job sites (Monster,
> Dice, etc.). There didn't seem to be very many
> postings there, and they seemed to be fairly
> stale/stagnant. OTOH, smaller, more informal job
> boards seemed to have a steady trickle of new
> postings.

Hi Davide

Thank you sir! I presume you are talking about
You said that you didn't find it on Dice, but it
was found somewhere else. You didn't 
where you found the informal job boards.

> - Keywords, keywords, keywords! My employer received
> 800 resumes (or for those of you across the pond,
> CVs) for my position. They eliminated 90% of those
> without even looking at them (they used keyword
> search software). Companies are having to do this
> because of the ratio of available positions to
> available candidates. 

Bloody hell! That is a huge ratio 800 to 1! 
I had a suspicion about search keyword software but
I didn't realize. I will definitely update my CV to 
be completely keyword specific. You know this is so
similar to static web design with META tags. 
My CV is two pages long, and it is rather concise, 
but I have had a request from an agency  a couple
of weeks ago to include my technologies and buzz 
word keywords that increased to three pages.
Most of  the agents said I have good looking CV.
I have had interviews with many agencies, but I got
the feeling that they were just to polite sometimes.
When they had me in for the interview I felt they
were being a little cynical, and maybe that were
"trawling" the web for talent. I can understand,
because they are so few jobs and lots of agency
trying to change the commission for the candidate
who can exactly fit the required job specification.

> pre-screenings with the remaining 80 people, and
> eventually met about 10 of those 80 in person.
> The second page of my resume contains all my
> technical skills, and is very "keyword rich". You're
> up against a lot of other candidates, so make sure
> you can get through the filtering software by
> including everything you know on your resume (all
> the acronyms, tools, etc.).

I know of one other former colleague who has 
had to do a telephone interview with a contact
that she had two months ago. It is very easy
to get depressed, and miserable. However, I
very grateful for advice. You did n't by any chance
have a hand in writing this "keyword" search
software, did you? ;-)

> - Observe protocol. You're right, its an employer's
> market right now, and employers can be picky, so
> observe all the courtesies, etc. I learned this in
> the "so you've been shitcanned" class that my
> previous employer most graciously sent us to after
> having us vacate the building in 45 minutes or less

Oh wee! It is so sad. I was called to boardroom
in our law / human resources at exactly 9:10 
in the morning. They didn't even give me time
to clear my desk, the f***ing b******ds!

> (The politically correct term was "Career
> transition" class... :-) ), and the people who
> interviewed me at my new employer told me that they
> were impressed by it. If you get an interview, send
> personalized thank you letters (good paper, etc.) to
> everyone you talk to, etc. It just helps you stand
> out.

Yes I am English, I was born in London, my parents
came from abroad. So I should be the one with the
English manners and politeness ;-)

> As I said, its all common sense, but if it helps...
> Best of luck...
> Dave

Where can I find a list of these informal job boards?
And thanks again


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