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From Khalid Aslan <>
Subject [OT] Where can I find a Struts / J2EE Jobs?
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:41:30 GMT
Hi y'all

My name is Khalid. I was made redundant a couple weeks
ago in London. I was working for a big
investment bank. I was kinda looking for leads
to work in London, or elsewhere in Europe maybe.

I did so me Struts development several months ago
for a client and want to get back to server side
Java work. I had being working with Swing 
client side work. It is really pretty slow in
the UK right now, it is not a great look, but
I'm still hanging out here hoping on a rope.

How is the Struts Job market holding up in
across the atlantic? Is Cali still in the bottom 
slopes? Or is the East Coast the best place to be?


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