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From "Bill Willis" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Tiles and Validator Support in ObjectAssembler 2.5
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 04:18:57 GMT
ObjectAssembler 2.5 Pro is now available:

New Struts features in this release:

 - Full support for Tiles definitions
 - Full support for Validator 1.0 configurations
 - Jump from any element in our visual editor to its associated XML
 - Two-way development. Changes made to XML are immediately reflected in
the visual editor and vice versa
 - Two additional component types: Struts Exception and Validator
(allows the implementation of Validator rules). For each of these
components that are created, their use is automated in the Struts,
Tiles, and Validator configuration editor
 - Updated all Struts support to the latest 1.1 builds.

ObjectAssembler doesn't just help you generate configuration files. It
is a component-based Struts development environment that assists you in
building both Struts components and configuration files. It also
automates the process of packaging them in a WAR and generating the WAR

ObjectAssembler is currently supported in Jbuilder, Netbeans, Sun ONE
Studio, and as a standalone IDE. We are working on the next supported
IDE (the most popular requests being IDEA and Eclipse).

I invite you to take ObjectAssembler for a spin. The User Manual, which
is provided with the installation, explains how to make use of
ObjectAssembler's Struts support. We also have some simple Struts
Viewlets available here if you aren't quite up to downloading yet: If you have any
questions/problems/feedback, please contact me directly or join me here:

Thanks to all of you who have already done so and provided valuable

Best Regards,
Bill Willis
ObjectVenture Inc.

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