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From Marcus Biel <>
Subject [OT]Re: 2 nested actions->Vector empty. why ?
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 08:12:01 GMT
I just wanted to let you -everyone who helped me a little bit to solve
my problems -
that - FINALLY - it works!!!!

I did some very dumb mistakes.

What I can say now is:

1. RTFM :-)
I misunderstood Struts completly!
I thought first the Action would be done, and then the results would be
saved in the ActionForm.
--> So my Vector in my ActionForm was empty.
2. My Vector also contained null, so the iteration crashed.
3. Some Minor problems.

When I had fixed one problem, it still didn't work, so I changed it, may
have fixed another problem,
but had the old bugs again, and so it went on and on.

Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to go on reading Chuck's Struts Book,
and then finally I had the solution!

Hope this will never happen to anyone else of you! :-)


marcus schrieb:
> Hi there,
> I've got an Action, that creates a Vector,
> that is stored in an ActionForm.
> The Action scope is set to "session".
> Now I am forwarding to a jsp, and when a user hits "submit" another
> action gets called that uses the same Vector of the same ActionForm.
> Anyways, it only returns an empty Vector to the jsp.
> I am 99% sure that my actions are working correctly. But how about the
> flow of actions ?
> I mean, the first action is building the Vector. Then I got a form that
> uses the second action, and this form is a selectbox,
> that gets filled with the String elements of the Vector that is sitting
> in my ActionForm that is shared by both actions.
> To be sure that my Vector doesn't get reset I did not reset the
> Vector(not sure if necessary).
> Anyways, the selectbox I get created is empty!
> I guess I missunderstood the struts action procedure ?!
> To recall: First of all I am calling the first action using my browser:
> /
> then a Vector of Strings gets created and gets stored in "myActionForm"
> when done, the action forwards to index.jsp. There I got a form like
> this:
> <html:form action="" method="POST">
>         <html:select property="plantSelection" size="1">
>                 <html:options property="plantList"/>
>         </html:select> <br>
>         <html:submit/>
> </html:form>
> Explanation:
> is an Action that takes the plantSelection the user
> did,
> and by this it creates another Vector filled with data records.
> The selectbox is filled dynamically with my Vector I created in the
> prior action "".
> Both Actions share the same form in order to make this work. (not sure
> if necessary)
> Here I am using my plantList Vector to fill the selectbox:
> <html:options property="plantList"/>
> I guess this complicated nested procedure confuses Struts in some way.
> Maybe you will suggest to use the "nested" tag, but I am forced to use
> Struts 1.02.
> Any other suggestions to make this work ??
> thanks in advance.
> marcus
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