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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: [OT] : javascript revival?
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 14:31:54 GMT
Gemes Tibor wrote:

> Sorry to say - it's 3.0.0-12 I'm running :-/ and it seems deficient to
>>me.  I can do all things, unhindered in Mozilla, whereas there were some
>>sites which flat did not work under Konqueror.  I can't remember now
>>which specific funcational areas I found lacking.  I'll have to look
>>again when I get a chance so I can be more conversant about it.
>I use both mozilla and konqueror for development, and if a page works on these 
>two, I have to test almost none on the other browsers.
>There are few sites that do not work with konqueror. But it renders a far 
>better looking page if it is able to display it. This is the most important 
>reason why I use it. 
Huh - whataya know.  Ok - well, I'll play with it then.  You've peaked 
my curiosity.  I'll toy with it.

Which browsers do you build against?  ... and what functional areas do 
you find you still have to test in other browsers?  I haven't even 
considered it something worthy of my time to use - but, if you are 
correct, I am very mistaken.

Thanks for the tip :-)  I'll give it another try.  It's conceivable the 
sites I hit with it just weren't "up-to-par".

Eddie Bush

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