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From "David Graff" <>
Subject Re: Pre-populating ActionForms
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2002 15:35:36 GMT
Override the 'reset' method of the ActionForm descendant, set your initial
values in there, then (most likely) when you want to reference the page,
reference the .do that would forward you out to that page.

Hope that helps.

"Mohan Radhakrishnan" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
>     Pre-population of ActionForms seems to be tricky. How do you populate
> ActionForms and then take the user selection from them? Let's say I want
> show some HTML options. The user selects some values. The selected values
> should go back into the ActionForm. Is this so difficult that I have to
> JSTL(Normal java beans) for this ?
>    The archives advise against pre-populating ActionForms because Struts
> to create them. Are there tag library examples anywhere ? Tag libraries
> really make the Struts learning curve rather steep.
> bye,
> Mohan

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